LED Retrofit


Commercial LED Retrofits

If you are considering an upgrade to LED lighting, Sunnect Lighting will perform a full audit of your current lighting layout and then do a side-by-side comparison showing what is currently in place versus the LED retrofit. Our analysis will not only show the cost of the new lighting but will highlight the energy savings, maintenance savings and rebates available. Along with our payback and rate of return analyses, you will have what you need to see why the LED option makes such good sense.



LED Products

At Sunnect Lighting, we are committed to providing our customers with reliable, energy efficient, and quality LED lamps. Our manufacturing facility is complete with ISO9001 certification and automated production lines that follow strict quality assurance control systems. We strive to not only provide quality products, but also an exceptional buying experience. Our LED lamps are the solution to an efficient, brighter and environmentally friendly future.

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