LED Retrofit & 179D Tax Deduction Webinar

On Thursday, October 13th at 11:00AM Pacific the Sunnect Lighting experts will speak about the benefits of an LED Retrofit and how the 179D Tax Deduction can further save you money. This tax deduction only lasts until December 31st so be sure and sign up here to learn more.

Our experts will cover the dollars and cents of what an LED Retrofit means for your property. They will walk through the financials as well as the project process from initial energy audit to project completion.

The discussion will cover information on the difference between LEDs and other types of lights including the safety, maintenance and cost of each type.

So if you are a building owner or manager that is always looking to improve your bottom line this is a webinar for you. We will equip you with the proper information to determine if a retrofit could be right for your property.

At the end of the webinar we invite you to sign up for a free analysis and report outlining how an LED Retrofit will work out for you.

See you on October 13th!