What is an LED Lighting Retrofit?

An LED Lighting Retrofit is when your old lighting system of ballasts and incandescent or fluorescent lamps is replaced with an LED lighting system. There are many benefits of LED Lighting for your business and advantages to this process that we will cover here. So if you are a commercial building owner or manager looking to improve your property and reduce costs immediately then read on.

First off let’s quickly look at the difference between LED lighting and other types of lighting. I’ll list out the most important differences here but keep in mind that the list of advantages to LED lighting is extensive. This chart clearly depicts the first difference; efficiency.


LED Lighting Chart

Incandescents and fluorescents are the most common type of lamps and bulbs. The main difference here is that LED lights are more efficient as seen above. This means that if you switch over to LED lighting your electricity bill will automatically shrink. The next difference is that LED lights last up to 10 to 20 YEARS whereas other lighting only last around 1 to 5. This basically means that you won’t be changing burnt out bulbs for decades. The last difference I want to bring up is maintenance. Beyond never needing to replace bulbs, LED lighting doesn’t require ballasts. Ballast are the most common cause of needing an electrician to come out to your property. Electrician visits are expensive and add up over time. Eliminating this pesky maintenance further reduces your overhead each month.

LED vs Fluorescent

Ok now that we have the main differences out of the way let’s talk about what an LED Lighting Retrofit actually means. Don’t worry! Retrofit doesn’t mean we are redoing your entire electrical system like it might sound. A retrofit involves a team of licensed electricians taking out the old ballast system from your fixtures and replacing them with LED fixtures appropriate for LED bulbs and lamps. Once the fixtures are replaced, the new LED bulbs and lamps are installed. This is the main portion of the retrofit. If you are looking to further optimize efficiency there are amazing tools that can be installed to reduce your energy load even further such as dimmers, timers and sensors (hyper link to that article) while the electrical team is already in there retrofitting your lighting.

In summary, an LED Lighting Retrofit updates your buildings lighting to cut your electricity needs in half and eliminate maintenance calls. An added bonus is that many states, counties, municipalities and utilities offer incentives if you choose to invest in an LED Lighting Retrofit.

What about the finances? This is the best part. An LED Lighting Retrofit requires no money down. You can finance the full cost of your project and the savings of your electricity bill will cover your monthly project payment. Tax incentives will further assist in paying off the project cost. The bottom line is that you will be saving money from month one. It’s pretty rare that opportunities like these come along.

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