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How an LED Lighting Retrofit Works

If you’re wondering what an LED Lighting Retrofit is to begin with you can check out this article here. Now let’s walk through how an LED Lighting Retrofit works in just a few short steps. Don’t worry, it doesn’t involve weeks of construction or months of permitting. Nope. Just a few short days of non-invasive work will have your property updated and saving energy.

mage courtesy of Sura Nualpradid at
Image courtesy of Sura Nualpradid at


Step 1: Lighting Audit

In this preliminary step we will come out to your property to take stock of each light you currently have. We will use this time to learn about your energy bills over the past year and also discover if there are areas that are not well lit or any changes you would like to make to your lighting.

Step 2: Lighting Report

Now you get to grab a cup of coffee and check out the detailed report we create on your property that shows your ‘before’ and ‘after’ of an LED Lighting Retrofit. The report depicts your current lighting situation compared to what it will look like after your update. You will see your current costs compared to future costs. You will see the project cost and the time it will take to pay it off (which is usually around 19 months). The report will contain extensive information on what to expect and we will be by your side to answer further questions.

Audit Report

Step 3: LED Lighting Retrofit Begins

Once you decide to move forward with the proposal and paperwork is signed, our team gets to work. In less than one week we will complete the full retrofit of all of your fixtures, dispose of old equipment and install new lamps, bulbs and controls. Our goal is to complete your project quickly and quietly to cause as little disruption to your normal routine as possible.

Step 4: See the Savings

Now that your system is complete you will be able to compare your previous electricity bill to your new bill and enjoy the savings achieved. Most of our clients are able to use this savings to pay off their retrofit and still save on top of that.

Step 5: Get that 179D Tax Deduction

Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Taxes are confusing so we have a tax specialist that delivers all the information and forms your accountant needs in order to reap the rewards of this soon ending Federal tax deduction.

Step 6: Dream About How to Use the Savings

Now that the project is complete, you’re seeing the savings and you received the 179D Tax Deduction it’s time to decide what to do with the money you saved. Will you put it towards other improvements, new equipment or something else entirely? Whatever you decide we are glad that you will enjoy the benefits of an LED Lighting Retrofit.

If you like the sound of all this then schedule your FREE LIGHTING AUDIT here to see if a retrofit is right for your property.