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Office Lighting

Companies and their employees can benefit from efficient and effective office lighting.  Minimizing glare on screens, elimination of buzzing and/or flickering fixtures, low lighting contrasts around workstations and energy cost reduction are just a few of the key requirements.

Self Storage Lighting

Proper lighting and security cameras are the two biggest deterrents to crime at self-storage facilities.  Whereas, proper lighting and cleanliness are the two biggest factors that are used by customers when rating a self-storage facility.  The importance of good lighting at self-storage properties cannot be understated.

Apartment Buildings

Make your residents feel safe and at home with LED lighting updates that save you money. Through a retrofit of all hallways, common spaces and exterior pathways, you will be cutting down your electric bill and offering an enhanced living environment for renters.

Schools & Universities

Areas for learning will be improved, hallways and dark areas will be brighter and your parking areas will be safer. LEDs on school campuses will enhance the entire experience.

Parking Structure Lighting

High light quality in parking areas amounts to safety for both drivers and pedestrians. Clearly see where you are going as you look for parking or try to find where you parked.

Retail & Grocery

LED energy-efficient store lighting greatly improves the customer’s grocery and retail experience by accentuating products and creating a shopper-friendly atmosphere.  Reduce your electric usage demand by over 50% and pass those savings along to keep shoppers coming back.

Outside Lighting

Illuminate your building exterior, landscaping features or interior driveways with long life LED lighting. The hassle of lighting service calls will be a thing of the past.

Gas Stations & Convenience Stores

Make your customers feel safe when they stop to fill their tanks.  Utilizing LED lamps that require no warm up time, require no maintenance and use very little energy will go a long way to increase your business’ curb appeal.