A Guide to the LADWP CLIP Program

The LADWP CLIP Program (Commercial Lighting Incentive Program) was created to help and encourage commercial property owners to upgrade their lighting systems to more energy efficient alternatives. CLIP is a powerful local incentive that will cover a significant portion of an LED lighting retrofit to your building making it possible to gain the advantages of an updated lighting system such as 50% reduction in electricity needs. This short guide will take you through what you need to know about the LADWP CLIP Program so that you can determine if your property will qualify.


Part 1: What is the CLIP Program?

CLIP is an incentive program that rewards property owners for the installation of newly purchased and installed energy efficient lighting systems. The amount you receive from LADWP is based on the amount of energy that you save through your lighting updates. These incentives will range from $.08 to $.24 per kilowatt-hour of annualized savings and can cover up to 100% of your project’s cost.


Part 2: What Lighting Updates Qualify?

  • LED Interior Ceiling Mounted, Downlight and Highbay Fixtures
  • Exterior LED Pole Mounted and Wallpack Fixtures
  • LED Screw-in Lamps
  • Tubular LED “Plug-and-Play” Lamps
  • Occupancy sensors and Daylight Controls
  • New Induction Lamps and Fixtures
  • High Performance Reduced Wattage Fluorescent Lamps and Ballasts


Part 3: What Requirements You Need to Meet

  • Open to LADWP non-residential customers in good standing
  • Qualifying equipment must receive LADWP approval prior to purchase, installation and operation
  • Rebates will be reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis until funds run out
  • The project must achieve at last 10% energy savings
  • Projects not completed within 120 days of LADWP approval may be cancelled


Part 4: How to Apply for the CLIP Program

By visiting the LADWP’s CLIP page you can download your application. Alternatively you can email clip@ladwp.com or call (213) 367-4215. Sunnect Lighting can also handle this process on your behalf to save you the time.


Part 5: Final Steps to your Incentive Payment

After your application is submitted LADWP will notify if it is approved upon which the lighting project can begin. Once completed LADWP will come out for a final approval. Finally, your rebate check will be sent to you by mail to pay off a huge percentage, if not all, of your project cost.


To find out more and to receive a complimentary lighting audit from Sunnect Lighting click here. We will tell you if your project is a candidate for this program and deliver you a 20 page report outlining all project details and financials.