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What Is Li-Fi

What Is Li-Fi And Why The Lighting Industry Is Celebrating This Technology

June 23, 2016, admin

Li-Fi stands for Light Fidelity. It is a communication system powered by visible light. Common light emitting diodes or LED lamps are used to transfer data at incredible speeds when […]

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Business Upgrade To LED Lighting

Why Should Your Business Upgrade To LED Lighting

June 17, 2016, admin

Are your energy bills adding considerably to your business operation costs every month? Are you looking at ways to reduce your electricity bills and overhead but don’t know how to […]

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Why Use LED T8 Linear Tubes for Your Warehouses

June 4, 2016, admin

Warehouse lighting presents some unique challenges. The layout generally has low as well as high storage racks that occupy a major part of the space. Then there is the receiving […]

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Sunnect Lighting Completes 5 LED Retrofit Projects with Saf Keep Storage

June 26, 2015, admin

There are several factors that motivated Saf Keep Storage to consider a complete LED retrofit at their commercial properties. Perhaps the biggest driver, however, was that they were done with calling […]

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