Melrose – Commercial LED Retrofit

Project Overview

Over the course of many years, older buildings end up with a mixed bag when it comes to lighting.  Different products are used by different contractors and often times maintenance become a real issue.  After the Sunnect Lighting LED retrofit, this property has new and consistent lighting along with a complete modernization of emergency lights, hallway timers and exit lights.

  • 807 Fixtures and 1190 Lamps retrofitted in Hallways, Bathrooms and Mechanical Room using 4 ft T8 LED lamps
  • 14 LED Office Troffers
  • 12 LED Landscape Flood Lights
  • 8 LED Outside Wall Packs
  • 4 LED Parking Lot Pole Lights
  • 220 LED Bug-Eye Emergency Lights
  • Retrofit Overview

    807 Fixtures and 1190 Lamps Retrofitted
  • 20 Year Energy & Maintenance Savings

  • System Payback

    13.2 Months

The architectural features of this building are beautiful and now everyone who drives by at night can see the uniqueness of our property.

Client Story

There are several factors that motivated this customer to consider a complete LED retrofit at their commercial property. Perhaps the biggest driver, however, was that they were done with calling an electrician every 2 weeks for maintenance to their old lighting. The amount of money spent on service calls had gone through the roof and it was time to put an end to it. The Sunnect Lighting retrofit involved removing all of the lighting ballasts at the property, in addition to the use of lamps with operating lives of 50,000+ hours. These 2 factors alone will all but eliminate what had turned out to be regular service calls.
  • Lamps contain no hazardous materials
  • >90% of the energy used is to create light, not heat
  • Instant start and no flicker
  • Lamp life unaffected by cycling
  • Directional lighting


All of the Sunnect Lighting LED retrofits share many of the same benefits. The larger the LED retrofit, the more noticeable the benefits. For example, if you were to only retrofit 10 fixtures at a property, chances are you will not notice anything different on your next electric bill. However, for this project where hundreds of fixtures were retrofitted to new LED lighting, this customer has seen their energy bill drop by 34% due to the retrofit alone.
  • Enhanced Light Quality
  • Significant energy savings
  • Elimination of (575) lighting ballasts for maintenance-free lighting
  • 50,000 hour lamp lives
  • Increased security at property and elimination of all “dark spots”