Baldwin Villa Plaza – Apartment LED Retrofit

Project Overview

Lighting within an apartment building can drastically change the ambiance. Common areas such as the lobby, hallways and laundry facilities take on an entirely different feeling when the lighting is yellow and dim versus bright and cool. At Baldwin Villa Plaza it was important to update all common area lighting to improve visibility, safety and the overall feeling of the space.

  • 669 Fixtures and 1234 Lamps retrofitted in Hallways, Bathrooms, common areas and exterior.
  • LED 2 Lamp Trophers
  • LED 2 Lamp Wrap Over
  • LED 2 Lamp Strip
  • LED 1 Lamp Strip
  • LED Landscape Flood Lights
  • LED Wall Lamps
  • LED Pagoda Garden Lights
  • LED Flood Lights
  • LED Parking Lot Pole Lights
  • Retrofit Overview

    669 Fixtures and 1234 Lamps Retrofitted
  • 10 Year Energy & Maintenance Savings

  • System Payback

    1.17 Years

Halfway through our lighting retrofit I took a video of the difference between an updated hallway and another that still had old lighting. The difference was incredible. Our residents are so pleased with the improved lighting.

Client Story

Baldwin Villa Apartments is home to an active community of seniors. The hallways at Baldwin Villa used to be dimly lit and their electricity bills were through the roof. Now that the LED Retrofit is complete the hallways and common spaces are bright and inviting. The Sunnect Lighting retrofit involved removing all of the lighting ballasts at the property, in addition to the use of lamps with operating lives of 50,000+ hours. Now the property enjoys better light quality, lower bills and happier residents.
  • Lamps contain no hazardous materials
  • >90% of the energy used is to create light, not heat
  • Instant start and no flicker
  • Lamp life unaffected by cycling
  • Directional lighting


All of the Sunnect Lighting LED retrofits share many of the same benefits. The larger the LED retrofit, the more noticeable the benefits. For example, if you were to only retrofit 10 fixtures at a property, chances are you will not notice anything different on your next electric bill. However, for this project where hundreds of fixtures were retrofitted to new LED lighting, this customer has seen their energy bill drop by 34% due to the retrofit alone.
  • Enhanced Light Quality
  • Significant energy savings
  • Elimination of (575) lighting ballasts for maintenance-free lighting
  • 50,000 hour lamp lives
  • Increased security at property and elimination of all “dark spots”