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10 Signs You Should Invest in an LED Lighting Retrofit

October 18, 2016, admin

Updating your lighting system isn’t something most people have top of mind and it isn’t something any of us look forward to spending budget on. But what if updating your […]

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The Right Color Temperature With LEDs

How To Choose The Right Color Temperature With LEDs

July 15, 2016, admin

In the Edison era, bulbs produced light through heated filaments. These filaments emitted light that was warm and white. We are now in the era of LED bulbs. LED technology offers numerous benefits and […]

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Ambient Lighting With LED Strips

4 Ways To Create Ambient Lighting With LED Strips

July 5, 2016, admin

Are you planning a renovation of your interiors? This is the best chance to make your home interior look more attractive through ambient lighting. Parallel lighting or positional lighting is […]

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What Is Li-Fi

What Is Li-Fi And Why The Lighting Industry Is Celebrating This Technology

June 23, 2016, admin

Li-Fi stands for Light Fidelity. It is a communication system powered by visible light. Common light emitting diodes or LED lamps are used to transfer data at incredible speeds when […]

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Business Upgrade To LED Lighting

Why Should Your Business Upgrade To LED Lighting

June 17, 2016, admin

Are your energy bills adding considerably to your business operation costs every month? Are you looking at ways to reduce your electricity bills and overhead but don’t know how to […]

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