Ambient Lighting With LED Strips

4 Ways To Create Ambient Lighting With LED Strips

Are you planning a renovation of your interiors? This is the best chance to make your home interior look more attractive through ambient lighting. Parallel lighting or positional lighting is passé. Ambient lighting is the latest advancement in lighting design techniques. Now you can be sure you get light throughout your home with ambient light that creates the mood you would like to achieve in each area of your property. This can be easily achieved with LED light strips.

The many proven benefits of LED technology can be leveraged with LED strips. While benefits like light quality, lower costs and high durability are well-known, another less commonly known utility of strip lights is their ability to deliver stunning design when used creatively. There are many ways of creating ambient light with LED strips.

Task Lighting

Ambient light is not just used to make a room attractive but also to improve its functionality.  As LED strips are readily adaptable, they are ideal for task lighting installations. You can create the best lighting for areas of your home where you have to do specific tasks. With some creativity, LED strips can be used to illuminate specific work areas in the kitchen, office and bedroom to provide the perfect light for such tasks as reading and cooking. Make sure the light used is of a higher wattage as you will be using it to perform some tasks that require better visibility.


To create a calm and soothing ambiance in your home, dimmers are a perfect choice. Dimmers also give you flexibility to easily change the ambiance of a room from relaxing to energetic. Another perk of dimmers is that they reduce the amount of electricity you use which will help lower your electric bill. Keep in mind that dimmers should be installed by a licensed electrician.

Accent Light

Adding accent is a commonly used interior designing staple to enhance the design of a room. Using LED strip lights of different forms such as long strips under counters, cabinets or molding will add to the look of any room. If you unleash your creative mind, the possibilities are endless. Do you know there is something called color psychology? Colors can be used to create moods. So if you want to elicit certain moods you can select different color bulbs to do so. If used incorrectly, strip lighting can have an adverse effect on your space. Cheap quality strips that are available in abundance on the market are tacky and won’t last as long. Be sure to look for brands that have good reviews.

Indirect Light

LED strips are also recommended by designers for indirect lighting. Indirect lighting is mainly used for subtle changes to the design of your space. It can also be used for layering and adding accent color. Indirect light is commonly used in kitchen cabinets, stairways or in specific areas of bathrooms. Indirect lighting, when done by experts, can create a glow that’s distributed evenly throughout the room. Areas where there is less activity and energy can do with soft, indirect light to create that peaceful ambiance.