11 Benefits of LED Lighting for Your Business

There are many compelling benefits of LED lighting for your business but we narrowed it down to this list of 11. If you have been debating whether or not to make the switch, have a read through and sign up for a free lighting audit for your property to learn more.

  1. Reduces your electricity bill by over 30% – No, we aren’t joking. Yes, it is possible. The difference in efficiency of incandescent or fluorescent lights versus LED lighting is that significant. Check out this chart that shows, for the same amount of light, how much less energy LED lights require. (insert comparison chart)
  2. Eliminates maintenance – How many times a year do you have to have the electrician out to your property to repair ballasts and replace burnt out bulbs and lamps? It adds up doesn’t it? If you are like a lot of building owners, you might wait to call the electrician until multiple lights are out so he can do all the work at once. This of course cost you light quality and safety. With LED lighting you can say bye bye to maintenance calls. It is very rare that LED lamps die or malfunction. LED lamps last up to 10 to 20 years and don’t require ballasts which means you won’t have to worry about electrician charges for decades.
  3. Increases productivity of your staff – Dim yellow lighting means naptime and slow employees not to mention safety issues. The quality of light that comes out of LED lamps is far superior to traditional lamps. The cleaner white light freshens up your space and provides higher quality light to your staff.
  4. Gets you a tax deduction – Yep, 179D Federal Tax Deduction can get you $.60/square foot but it ends this December 31st so you better get moving! There are also states, counties, municipalities and utilities that offer incentives of their own. We will identify any incentive opportunities in your area.
  5. Variety of colors and tones – LEDs come in a plethora of colors and tones so that you can have a fully customized ambiance in your building.
  6. Decreases toxins – Unlike other lamps and bulbs, LEDs don’t have mercury and other toxic material. Who wants to worry about nasty contaminants!?
  7. Allows you to reinvest those savings into your business – You can be spending your hard earned cash on much better things than overpriced electricity. With the savings garnered through an LED retrofit you will be able to invest in new equipment and other upgrades to improve your business.
  8. Improves environment for customers – If you have customers or clients coming in and out of your building your probably concerned with how they feel when they visit. If the lighting in your building is dim and yellow vs bright and clean it will affect their experience. LED lighting comes in countless options of tone and is customizable to your particular needs.
  9. Sets your property up for solar – If you have customers coming to your property you are probably concerned about their experience in your space. LED lighting offers much higher quality of light and adds an energetic fresh ambiance to your space which means happier customers for you.
  10. Durability – Unlike incandescents, LED lights are not fragile. They won’t suddenly brake just from touching or jiggling them the wrong way.
  11. Not sensitive to temperature – Similarly, LED lights aren’t sensitive to extreme cold or heat like their older counterparts.

Oh the list could continue for another page but we will leave it at these top 11 benefits of LED Lighting for your business. If LED sounds like a good fit for your business then we will offer a Free Lighting Audit and report. Sign up for your free appointment here.