10 Signs You Should Invest in an LED Lighting Retrofit

Updating your lighting system isn’t something most people have top of mind and it isn’t something any of us look forward to spending budget on. But what if updating your lighting meant no money out of pocket, electric bill savings, eliminating maintenance and much more? Take a look at these top 10 signs you should invest in an LED lighting retrofit and let us know if you would like to schedule a free lighting audit for your property.

  1. Your electricity bill is painfully high – If you look at your electricity bill each month and wish you could put that money towards improving your business, think about updating to an LED lighting system to save over 30% each month on your bill.
  2. You have to call the electrician multiple times each year – How much money do you shell out to electricians each year to have ballasts repaired and lamps replaced? For many businesses thousands of dollars are going out the door each year for maintenance of their lighting systems. This won’t be the case with an LED system that doesn’t rely on temperamental ballasts and uses bulbs that last up to 10x longer. Your maintenance bill will disappear.
  3. Your lighting is dim and depressing – It’s not uncommon to walk into a space and automatically feel sleepy and not realize the lighting is at fault. Outdated lighting causes decreased energy and productivity. LED lighting increases mood and has a more energetic feel that will keep employees and guests happy.
  4. You’re looking to improve safety at your property – Not only is outdated lighting the cause of decrease productivity and ambiance, it can also lead to more accidents due to poor light quality. If your light is yellow and dim, chances are it is more difficult for your employees and guests to navigate your property safely. LED lighting is brighter and crisper which cultivates a safer environment.
  5. You’re looking for ways to decrease overhead – If you’re margins are tight and you are searching for ways to decrease your monthly bills, an LED lighting retrofit is an easy way to save. You’ll have to do it eventually anyways so you might as well take advantage of the current tax incentive that will be gone in 2017 which leads to number 5.
  6. You head about Federal and local tax incentives for LED lighting retrofits – The 179D Tax Deduction is a Federal incentive that can get you a $.60 per square foot deduction on your project cost. In addition to this rare opportunity some states, utilities and municipalities offer additional incentives of their own. We will identify these for you during your free lighting audit.
  7. You don’t want to have to think about your lighting for the next decade – Who wants to think about light bulbs and electricians when you really just want to dedicate your energy to improving your business. LED lights last up to 10x longer than other lights. Imagine what it will be like to not replace a bulb for 10 years.
  8. You want to use cleaner energy – LED lights are 90% efficient. That means that they are turning 90% of the electricity they consume into light. Incandescents on the other hand turn a lot of the electricity they demand into heat instead of light. That’s why they are so hot to the touch. With LED lights our customers use about 50% less electricity for lighting. Once your demand for lighting is decreased your building will be the perfect candidate for solar panels to produce your own clean electricity which leads us to number 8.
  9. You’re interested in solar for your building – There has never been a better time to go solar. Costs for solar equipment is the lowest it’s ever been and Federal, state, municipality and utility incentives are strong. At Sunnect we recommend retrofitting your lighting system first in order to decrease your electricity demand. Then we can design a solar system that matches this reduced demand instead of a more expensive, larger system based on your previous energy usage.
  10. You heard that you don’t need any money down to fund the project – It sounds too good to be true but it isn’t. If a lighting retrofit was not in your budget that’s ok. Our finance specialists fund your project and your energy bill savings pay off your monthly loan payment. No money down and no money out of your pocket each month means you can have all the benefits listed above and don’t have to worry about finding the budget for it or hold off for another year.

If these 10 signs you should invest in an LED lighting retrofit apply to you and your business sign up for a free lighting audit here and we will deliver to you a 20 page report outlining your current lighting system compared to your updated LED lighting system and how it will change your financials.